TEKCEM STANDARD is a special cementitious binder designed to replace OPC in traditional sand/cement screed. It is quick drying and therefore allows early foot trafficking.

Product Overview

TEKCEM STANDARD is a cement based binder to replace Ordinary Portland Cement where improved strength and drying performance is required.

TEKCEM STANDARD is used to produce bonded, unbonded and floating screeds in internal situations, including over underfloor heating.

TEKCEM STANDARD must be combined with suitable aggregates and water using exactly the same methods as for mixing a normal (unimproved) sand/cement screed mortar.

For further improvement of the overall performance of TEKCEM STANDARD, proprietary construction fibres may be added or the material can be supplied preblended with fibres

Product Benefits

  • Quicker drying enabling earlier application of floor coverings.
  • Can be lightly trafficked after 12 hours.
  • Provides screeds to ISC Cat A or B depending on mix design.
  • Can be supplied pre-blended with fibres for greater control of cracking.
  • Suitable for all normal screed applications including over underfloor heating.

Product Downloads

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